Loknath Conveyors warrants that the material and workmanship used in the manufacture of its products are of good quality. Loknath Conveyors will replace at no cost any part proving defective in material or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of shipment.

Note: One (1) year represents 2,080 hours based upon 8 hour per day operation. In order for this warranty to become effective, the equipment and/or parts must be utilized in the normal service for which they were intended and shall not have been altered in any manner. The use or modification of a part of incorrect specification, which directly or indirectly results into failure of the unit, shall void this warranty.

This warranty is limited to the replacement of the specified parts or component only that they are acknowledged to be defective. Installation expense will be borne by the purchased and Loknath Conveyors liability is extended only to the furnishing of said parts or components.

Loknath Conveyors shall not be responsible or liable for consequential damages or any contingent liability arising out of the failure of any parts or products to operate properly.

This is the only warranty of its products authorized by Loknath Conveyors. None other is authorized by any person or distributor.

Notice: We This catalog is intended to illustrate the various Loknath Overhead Conveyor components and their application into a conveyor system. Environmental as well as many other conditions will vary with each installation. Loknath Conveyors does not represent or warrant that adherence to any guidelines or suggestions set forth in this catalog will necessarily result in proper selection, manufacture, installation and/or maintenance of conveyor equipment and/or a conveyor system. Loknath Conveyors disclaims responsibility for any equipment and/or system malfunction, property damage, personal injury or any other damages of any kind or nature, or violations of law resulting from component, equipment and/or system selection, design, installation, maintenance or operation performed by a contractor, user or any other person. Design Changes: Loknath Conveyors reserves the right to change the design or construction of its products at any time without obligation for replacement or refund on any products or parts thereof which may be in any customer's possession at the time such changes become effective.

In accordance with our established policy to constantly improve our products, the specifications in this manual are subject to change without notice.

Safety: It is the responsibility of the systems engineers, installers, and owner to insure that the final conveyor system configuration* meets the safety standards as set forth by CEMA and ANSI standards and as required by OSHA. This may very well entail special guarding in addition to standard guarding available from Loknath Conveyors. Loknath Conveyors is the supplier of components only.

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