Vertical Curves Conveyor and Tension Unit The Conveyor power Track vertical curves are fabricated into a similar section, which is braced with track brackets having a central line reduce of 900 mm and 1200 mm radius. This allows the chain to pass without the link fouling with the inside of the power track.with the standard angle of 15°,30°, 45°, 60°, 90° or special angle required by clients.

The tension unit is fitted at the end of 180° horizontal standard curves, compressing two short lengths of power track. These power tracks are connected together by three adjustable screw roads and four guide roads. These screw rods are further fitted with springs, which provide tension to the conveyor chain.

The sturdy bi-planer chain includes articulating joints with tensile steel side plates. Double 48 mm diameter wheels are incorporated vertically and horizontally and are fitted with twin steel cage ball bearings for optimum efficiency and power trackability. The Conveyor Chain is provided in various sizes having 6", 8", 9", 10" or 12" pitch depending upon the horizontal and vertical band radius of chains.

A T.E.F.C. motor and worm reduction gearbox connected to the drive sprocket through "V" belts and "V" pulleys drive the Drive Unit. Each unit is fitted with a shear pin device to protect the conveyors from accidental damage due to overload or jamming. It not only empowers the system but can also provide the speed control or any other special characteristics desired in the system. It is a soundproof system suitable for trouble-free service for years.

We offer Mono-O-super overhead conveyor system, which is cost-effective and exceptionally conveyor system. This system is capable of solving all types of material handling requirements of different industries e.g. Tea factories, Automobile, Tractors, Leather industries, Ceramics, Cement, paper, C chemical etc. This system saves cost, as this is easy to maintain and considerably save floor space to increase labour productivity.

Auto-Oil Lubricator

The Auto-Oil Lubricator provides lubrication to various internal systems such as moving parts, wheels, etc. This ensures cleaning and corrosion resistance to the internal parts of the conveyor systems.

The Straight Power Track Conveyor is made out of MS rolled angle or 10BG cold formed sheet with dimension 36 X 36 X 3 mm and standard length of 2500 mm. This system is fitted with a supporting track bracket of 4 mm thick at 625-mm pitch. The track can be made to the special angle if required. The Conveyor Horizontal curves are fabricated from 10BG cold formed sheet with 36 X 36 X 3 mm section. It forms a central line reduce of 600-1200 mm with the standard angle of 30°, 45°, 60°, 90° or special angle required by clients.


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