Spare Parts for I-Beam Heavy Duty Overhead Conveyor such as Trolley wheel, 90 Dge. Roller trun..

Trolleys are the first and most basic component to consider when planning an Overhead Conveyor System. Loknath Engineering. offers four basic sizes of trolleys-- 3", 4" and 6". Offered as "standard" is the vertical hole pattern, with one bolt above and one below the chain (which holds the chain firmly in place.) Trolleys are also available in these sizes with a horizontal hole pattern, with two bolts above the chain which provide a means of adding or removing trolley assemblies under conditions where the chain cannot be slackened.

I Beam System Spare Parts
We provide a complete range of spare parts that are necessary to ensure optimum performance of I-Beam conveyors. These spare parts are available in most effective rates to our clients.Trolley Wheel connections can be swaged or bolted. Swaged is the most popular and commonly used type due to its relatively low cost, strength and overall capabilities. It has permanently fastened trolley wheels and is used where there is seldom any need to remove or replace wheels.

I Beam System Spare Parts
Retainer Type Trolley Wheels are the most widely used type for light or moderate loads and low contaminant conditions. Precision steel balls are held in a steel retainer ring ensuring low friction, minimum ball wear and the least amount of drive energy. This type is designed to operate continuously in temperatures of up to 325° F.Trolley Wheel for I-Bem Overhead Conveyor.

Full Ball Type Trolley Wheels are designed for use under high load, thrust, temperature and contaminant conditions. These wheels are designed to operate in continuous temperature conditions up to 500° F.

Floor Conveyor Spare Part
All the spare parts of Belt, Bucket Elevator, Roller & Power Roller, Slat conveyor, Spiral, and Vertical Lift, all Floor Conveyor Systems at the industry leading prices are available and same can be procured from us We are one of the renowned manufacturers and exporters of such spare parts with 100% quality.


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