We offer a complete range of floor conveyors, which includes belt conveyors, slat conveyors, bucket elevators, Econ bucket conveyor, Vertical Conveyor, and channonaise conveyors. These floor conveyors are highly efficient and can be used in diverse industries such as steel, mining, cement, sugar, food processing or assembly zone etc.

The Elevator / De- Elevator is designed to gently transport a variety of free flow Bulk materials in Dry , Semi- Dry Moist conditions. The unit is extremely adaptable to deliver products to Multi Locations From Single or Multi Source of Supply through its variety of Discharge locations stations.

Applications Candy, Cereals, Chemicals, Coffee, Confectionery, Detergents, Dry Foods, Shelled Nuts, Potato Chips, Hardware, Insecticides, Metal Scraps, Powers, Pasta/Macaroni, Chips, Plastic, Granules, Flour, Pharmaceutical, Rice, Seed, Parts, Snacks, Toys, Vegetables, Fertilizer, Soaps, Pet Food and Other Dry or Semi-Dry Products.

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Loknath Neo Systems Private Limited

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